Try the software

You can try the software for free, for 15 days. For students/academic licenses, contact us

1.) Download the software from here 

2.) Install the software, picking the ‘License File’ option when prompted: 


3.) Open the Tas Manager and click on the Register button. Copy the Machine ID :


4.) Complete the following form, pasting your Machine ID into the corresponding box

    All of the above fields are required.

    *Please ensure your machine ID is entered correctly, or you will not be able to license the software.

    By submitting your trial request, you agree to allow us to contact you regarding your trial, our terms of use and our privacy policy.

    You will then receive an email containing a trial key which you can use to license the software. 


    The trial will last from 15 days from when you complete the form, not from when the key is activated.

    The trial is for a standalone license for one machine– if you would like to try a network license, contact us

    You should receive the welcome email within 5 minutes; if you do not, contact us