ASHRAE 90.1 & Appendix G

Supporting the Performance Rating Method for LEED v4.1, v4, & v2009 and standards 90.1-2016, 90.1-2010, & 90.1-2007.

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"We have been able to simulate passive heating/cooling and daylighting features, as well as complex modern HVAC systems, such as central heat recovery chillers, active chilled beams, and spaces served by more than one HVAC system. Neither of these could have been modeled in a reliable fashion with eQuest"
Peter Reppe
Energy Analyst

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LEED Credits & Minimum Energy Performance Calculator

Get credits for U.S Green Building Councils LEED standards

  • LEED v4.1
  • LEED v4
  • LEED v3 2009

Our LEED Excel plugin can automatically fill in the LEED minimum energy performance calculator (MEPC) with construction information, glazing areas, occupancy schedules, lighting information and HVAC details.


Custom Systems

Tas Systems is a component based HVAC modelling system. This means any pre-generated system can be edited by deleting ducts, dragging in components and linking them up. 

Labels can be added to any part of the system to highlight important results, or make the schematic easier to read.

Once simulated, results are stored for every component, pipe and controller for every hour of the simulation, empowering you to interrogate and understand the system.

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