Tas Licensing

Choose from following subscription options

Annual Network

Annual payment, floats between machines
$ 329 monthly equivalent
  • Annual payment
  • Each license can have multiple seats
  • Use on multiple machines

Annual Standalone

Monthly payment, locked to 1 machine
$ 247 per month*
  • Annual commitment
  • Pay monthly or once yearly
  • Locked to one machine

Monthly Standalone

Monthly payment, locked to 1 machine
$ 275 per month*
  • Monthly commitment
  • Cancel at any time
  • Locked to one machine

Network licenses: Use the QTY field at checkout to pick how many seats you require.

Standalone licenses: Save by paying upfront for the year, contact us for details.

If you have already purchased the software, click here to download. See also our Getting Started guide.

* Appropriate sales and use tax will be added to your order after checkout.

Licensing FAQ


  • Network (roaming) licenses are able to be used on any machine with an internet connection. Any number of machines can have Tas installed. The number of simultaneous uses is limited by the number of seats in the license.  For offline access or during travel users have the ability to lease a license.


  • Standalone (node locked) licenses are limited to one machine.


Please watch the below video to understand how our licencing works:

  • All Tas subscriptions include all the features and functionality of the software. 
  • All Tas subscriptions also include Tas Ambiens 2D CFD for free.


  • All Tas subscriptions include user support.


  • Yes
  • All subscriptions provide you with access to the latest version of Tas. 
  • Manual upgrade is required by the end users.


  • Yes! Network licenses are built for sharing. The license automatically moves seamlessly from one machine to another.
  • For Standalone licenses it is not possible to transfer the license. In the case of staff changes and hardware replacement a license can be disabled and re-used. Please contact us for assistance and see the ‘How does the licensing work’ video for options.


  • Yes, please contact us by email with the license type and quantity/no. of seats you’d like and we will put together an offer for you.


  • Tas 9.5 is the current release of Tas. 
  • For access to earlier versions please contact us.

  • Yes, Tas is freely available for academic and research purposes.

  • Please see the details here for obtaining an academic license 
  • Ambiens 2D is a Computational Fluid Dynamics program (CFD) for buildings
  • Tas Ambiens 2D is freely licensed, and comes included with your Engineering subscription.
  • You can use Ambiens without a subscription by contacting us.