Terms & Conditions

January 2020

License and Cancellation Terms

Monthly Subscription

Fee due each month of service. Total for the year equivalent to $3,300.00 for Tas (excluding tax). Minimum increment one month, customer can cancel at any time. 

Annual Subscription

Fee due over 12 monthly payments. Total for the year equivalent to $2,964.00 for Tas (excluding tax). If cancelling prior to the end of the license term, a termination fee applies. The termination fee is equivalent to $28 per month of term elapsed for Tas. See below for further details. 

Network Subscription

Contact us for detail about network license costs.

Refunds Policy

We have a no refunds policy and therefore do not offer refunds on subscriptions. 

Early Termination of Annual Subscription

The cancellation fee, should you wish to end the annual subscription prematurely, is the difference between the monthly and the annual subscription multiplied by the number of months into the term of the subscription.

For example: if a customer began a term in January for a Tas annual subscription and wished to cancel in May, the cancellation fee would be the difference between the monthly and annual subscription for the elapsed term. In this case, 5 months elapsed x $28 per month = $140 cancellation fee.